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This kit contains instructions for globe knots that range from 8 to 176 facets and includes two globe knot tools and more...

Some palm spikes... I hope to have more available in the future.

The original

The Turk's Head Kit (Cookbook & Turks Head Tool and accessories included) will assist you in tying over 200 Turk's Head knots.

Curious? See more samples of what can be tied using the recipes in this book.
A series of videos demonstrating the use of the Turks Head tool is avaialble here as well.
The TURKS HEAD COOKBOOK VOLUME TWO is now available! For the brave souls who enjoyed the unusual knots in chapter five of the original THCB and who want the recipes for more than 700 unusual Turk's Heads.
Turks Head Tubes
These tools are sturdy round cylinders on which one can tie turks heads.

They are available in a wide variety of sizes and configurations
Other Products and Custom Work
We stock a variety of threaded needles, yarn needles, wire loops and spare parts for the Turks Head Tools. As we often get requests for custom tooling, we are happy to discuss your ideas and requests. Step inside the custom shop to see some of the cusom tooling that we have made for our customers.

Fancy 8 bight by 13 lead turks heads
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